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Buy now and get the fountain kit for only $249 with FREE SHIPPING. This is a $50 savings over the list price of $299...but you better hurry before the price goes up!

Sylvania Fountains provides the most affordable fountain for deep water ponds.

For a limited time only....Buy on sale now for only $249 and get a FREE Remote Control and Module.........
     A $27.90 value FREE!

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the fountain in action

This is the most affordable fountain kit that you will find ANYWHERE!
This fountain kit adds beauty, tranquility and value to your property. These fountains are engineered for years of usage. Our fountains are different from all other floating fountains in that the pump suction is located at the bottom of the pond. This provides maximum water circulation. Others only circulate the water near the surface at the fountain head. Our fountains have proven to provide many years of trouble free service.

Sylvania Fountains provide circulation and aeration to:

Minimize water temperature layers
Reduce the need for additional chemicals (such as copper sulfate)
Keep fish healthy
Prevent deadly mass fish kill “turnover”

Create ambiance with Sylvania Fountains by:

Adding night time lights (optional)
Purchasing additional interchangeable fountain nozzles

Buy one now for only $249 and receive all of the products listed below (along with your free Remote Control and Module).

What’s includedWhat you need to supply
Assembled fountain head with float1/3 to 1/2 HP sump pump (available at any hardware store)
12’ of flexible hose (approx.)Wiring to sump pump
Plastic container for your sump pump with necessary holes for water intake & discharge hose 
Remote control to operate your Sylvania Fountain from even inside your home 
Stainless steel clamps 
1 hose adapter 
Complete instructions 

With our complete instructions, you will just need a small amount of assembly for your beautiful fountain. It won’t be long until you can relax and enjoy your pond with a new Sylvania Fountain.

Disclaimer: All pond fountains require that the user provide his or her own sump pump and that the pump must be wired by a licensed, qualified electrician to conform to all state and local safety codes.

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